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A couple more... [25 Mar 2007|05:06pm]
[ mood | a little bit lonely ]

Tideland - Not quite as messed up as I had hoped for but enjoyable nonetheless.  It's definitely a Terry Gilliam movie, meaning it's nice to look at and the music is great.  I recommend.

Idiocracy - Fan-fugu-tastic!  Watch this movie.  Mike Judge hit this one right on the head.  I mean, an average guy gets cryogenically frozen for a military experiment.  Get thawed out 500 years later, turns out he's now the smartest person on the planet... hilarity ensues.  I can't wait to watch it again, to be honest.

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A Tiny Update [20 Mar 2007|05:45pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Stranger Than Fiction - It was great.  The characters made the whole movie.  I mean, the idea itself is fantastic, but it could've blown big time had it been executed poorly.  I laughed, I felt like crying, I actually cared about what was going to (or not going to) happen.

Hard Candy
- Pretty good. It was a little strange, but in a safe way. Mainly the ideas behind some of the "gore" (if you'd call it that) were intriguing.  It definitely makes a point, though.

Hollywoodland - I liked this quite a bit. It was a lot like LA Confidential, but that's a good thing in my book. I must say, however, some of the acting was a little flaky (i.e. Ben Affleck.)

Let's Go To Prison
- Holy shit, everyone has to see this movie. Most consistently funny movie I've watched in a long time.

Children of Men
- Not too bad. Visually, it was great, not too overdone. It just sucks that you pretty much know what's coming most of the time and you have to wait for it to happen.

Hot Fuzz
- Very funny and surprisingly exciting. I watched a cam version of it so there were flaws, but the movie is hardly to blame for that. I'd recommend it to anyone who thought Shaun of the Dead was funny.

Cars - I didn't want to watch this movie for the sole fact that animated movies lately are shit.  As always, though, they manage to break the skin and you find that you're rooting for the good guys or whatever the case may be.  This was the kind of movie that I almost regret enjoying but I'd probably watch it again on a rainy day.

I still have a bunch of movies to watch from the last batch of downloads such as:  Tideland, Black Snake Moan, The Black Dahlia, The Oh in Ohio, Fritz Lang's "M", Grendel, A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, 300, Idiocracy, Smokin' Aces.

There are a few more, I just can't recall what they are at the moment.

That's it,  I'll update when i watch a few more of these.  Oh, and I apoligize if these reviews aren't all that great, they're pretty much what I'd say to you if you asked.

Bye for now,


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This is the new toy [14 Mar 2007|04:16pm]

I got that to replace my broken Yahoo! system by scamming Wal-Mart. I feel so accomplished.

That's all.


(Oh, and it really sounds great.)
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Some new acquisitions.... [24 Jan 2007|04:12pm]
[ mood | okay ]

So I downloaded Fritz Lang's "M", which I have yet to watch. I was told that it's a must see as far as movies go. I also downloaded "Ghost Dog". I've wanted to watch this movie for quite some time now. I'm hoping it's as good as I've been hearing over the past 3 years or so.

That's all for now.


(Oh, I watched "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" two nights ago with Brandi and Adam... that was fun. </sarcasm>)

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Movies to see this year (for me, at least) [19 Jan 2007|11:56am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Ok, so here's a couple opening this weekend (so I've read):

Zodiac - (David Fincher dir., Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr.)
Fast Track - (Zack Braff and Jason Bateman, how can you lose?)

Here's how the rest of the year is shaping up. (so far):

Ghost Rider - (Nick Cage may ruin this, but Sam Elliot may save it.) - February 16th
The Number 23 - (Jim Carrey... crazy, sounds good to me.) - February 23rd
300 - (this just looks cool as hell.) - March 9th
TMNT - March 23rd
Premonition - (it's Sandy Bullock, but it looks ok.) - March ??
Spiderman 3 - (obviously.) - May 4th
Shrek the Third - (actually looks better than 2.) - May 18th
Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer - (it's the f'n Silver Surfer!) - June 15th
Evan Almighty - (m'eh, just because it's Shadyac and Carell) - June 22nd
TRANSFORMERS - (i have high hopes for this... NEW TRAILER!!!) - July 4th
Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix - July 13th
The Simpsons Movie - (I know, I know.) - July 27th
Hostel: part 2 - (because I saw the first one) - September 1st
Fred Claus - (Paul Giamatti, Vince Vaughn) - November 9th

So, I suppose that's enough for now. I'll be keeping an eye out for more, clearly, and when I find a new gem or two, i'll add them in a future post. Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions, please share.



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Combo night... [03 Apr 2006|09:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I watched movies last night... one was called Mysterious Skin, Pretty messed up to-do's with UFO's, sexual abuse and crazy homosexual prostitute beatings. The other one was The Brown Bunny. Now, I like Vincent Gallo but I seriously question what he was thinking when he decided to release this to a viewing public.

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Last Days [21 Feb 2006|12:28am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Yeah.... NO!

Gus Van Sant should just start writing Law and Order episodes and that's about all I have to say on the matter.


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It's a Wonderful Life. [13 Dec 2005|11:20am]
[ mood | good ]

Well, I got my annual fix of this one on the weekend. I can't help it, I love this movie. It has to be one of the most depressing "non-Christmas" Christmas movies ever.

I still love it though... *sigh*


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Deuce Bigelow - European Gigolo [21 Nov 2005|09:11pm]
Well, I had no (and I mean NO) intention of watching this flick. However, I was visiting with my friend Ken and his fiance, Melissa, and we decided to check out a downloaded version he had.

I loved the first Deuce, really did. It's one of my favorite "quotable" movies out there. I must admit, the sequel did not dissapoint. I thought they'd just re-hash old jokes, he'd go out on dates with freaks, so on and so forth... not quite.

There was a side story that was interesting enough to totally pull this movie along. I can't give anything away, it's just too much. Needless to say, "That's a huge bitch!"

OK, that's it... I liked it quite a bit. I did have the odd moment of, "Oh, they're just killing that..." but like I said, it totally took a new route so I allowed for the occasional redundancy.

I'd recommend it for a "having a couple drinks, let's watch a movie" night.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [18 Nov 2005|09:42am]
Well, I went to a midnight screening of this last night and I must say that I was probably more entertained "as a whole" by "prisoner of azkaban". That being said, I don't mean to say that "GOF" wasn't good. It was very exciting and definitely another step in the "make it less of a kid's movie" direction.

I laughed quite a bit throughout, so that's a good thing too.

Yeah, pretty funny, very exciting (and long).

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First post of a rambling idiot... [29 Sep 2005|03:32pm]
Ok, so as you may already know, I post in another LJ account. Mostly bullshit and whatnot. Well, this one is no different. I felt like creating a new account with one thing in mind...

"Trashing and/or praising movies"

 Sounds like fun, right? Right.

Feel free to read or not. I just wanted something to do.

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